Sophomore Year.

How to beat the most challenging academic year:

2nd Year Slump
How can I steer clear of the “sophomore year slump?”

Sophomore year can be very exhausting in regards to the workload. This is typically the year of organic chemistry, upper level biology courses, and the stress of the MCAT begins to settle in. However, the best advice we have is to stay on top of your work. I know that sounds simple, but this is truly the year to begin planning when you want to take the MCAT and formulating a class schedule for junior year. (Refer to Junior MCAT section for more information regarding the test). Stay motivated and stay focused on the bigger picture as you push through this year!

How can I conquer Organic Chemistry?

Organic Chemistry is one of the most difficult courses that every pre-med student fears. However, it can be aced through simple steps!

  1. ALWAYS ask for help when your confused, this is one of those courses where once you fall behind, you’ll always be behind.
  2. Read the book, and understand the sample questions. These will be your best bet when trying to master the material. (Along with any practice material your professor offers!)
  3. Lastly, don’t be afraid of using outside sources to help further your understand! The most popular is This website offers videos on various organic chemistry topics to help you master each concept.
Why is this the year of obtaining leadership roles?

As a sophomore you have settled into your university and have hopefully joined a club or two on campus. This is the year to begin stepping up and obtaining higher roles in these clubs, as it will help you become a well rounded applicant. At this point if you are on the board for an organization or club, you have the option of staying on the board long term and securing more important roles, such as President. If you are passionate about an issue and can’t find and existing club at your university, CREATE ONE!  


***Getting into medical school is a long process, and may seem even longer if you are a first generation college student, but college is about developing yourself through developing your interests and passions! If you are passionate about more than just medicine, you should cultivate your passions as much as possible!

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